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As I said previously, my actual 'Bishop' lineage is quite short. I can only trace it back 5 generations. OK, that may seem quite far back to you, but compared to some other lines, it is short. Let me tell you a little about them.

Paul George Savery Bishop:   My father. Born in the village of  Bowerchalke in Wiltsihre.    An office    Manager for most of his life, working for some large firms such as British Nylon Spinners (ICI now) and Facit Addo (now part of Electrolux). Loved the Wiltshire and Dorset countryside.

Arthur Stanley Bishop:   My grandfather. Born in Redhill, Surrey. Became a Wesleyan (Methodist) Minister, and spent time in Ceylon and Burma as a missionary. Sadly died a year before I was born, so I never knew him. That's him and Dorothy, his wife, above.

Albert Bishop:    Born in Wootton, Oxfordshire in 1841, and at the time of the 1901 census, living in           Burnley. He was also a Wesleyan Minister.

Thomas Bishop:    Born in Wootton, Oxfordshire in 1801. Lived on the estate of Woodleys  - a large country house north of Woodstock. He was a gardener.                   

Thomas Bishop:    Believed born in Wootton, Oxfordshire in 1764. He was head gardener on Woodleys   estate. It is with him that the line (currently) ends. Unlike all the others, there is no record of his being baptised in Wootton. The first real eveidence is his marriage record. Without his baptismal record, we do not know who his parents were, so cannot go back any further. 

There were lots of other 'Bishops' in Wootton at that time, and it is highly likely that he was the son of one of those families, but we need the proof. This is my challenge. Think you may be able to help? Find out more about the mysterious Thomas on the 'Families I am Looking For' page.

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