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There are a number of people/families I would like to find, both in the past, and present day. If you can help my research by providing more information on any of the families below, I will be very grateful.

Thomas Bishop - Born In Wootton Oxfordshire March 4 1764 (supposedly). Married Anne Eglestone in her home village of Steeple Barton, Oxfordshire on 6 Feb 1790. 

Q. Who were his parents/siblings?

Herbert and Percival Stone: - Born in Woodstock (probably) Oxfordshire in 1887 and       1882 respectively. Their parents - Edmund Killingworth Stone and Ellen (nee Cox) had a tobacconist shop in the High Street of Woodstock up until 1932, 

Q. What became of them? Are there any surviving relatives?

Cargill,  Bridsman,  Clausen and  Swann families: - All descended from Frank Bishop      (1875 - 1942), and living in Australia. Last contact with my father some 15 years ago. 

Q. Where are you now?


There are over 3000 names in my tree. If you feel you can assist with any not listed above, please contact me. Thank you.

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