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When my father was alive, he tried to get me involved in the family history, but I just wasn't interested. When he died in 2001, I inherited all the records that he, and his father before him, had accumulated over the years. 

Reading through all the information, I realised what a tremendous job he'd done, and vowed to ensure that his work was not lost, but passed on to as many members of the family as possible.

It was only when I had finished entering all the data into a family tree package, that I understood the effort that had gone into the work - around 3000 people documented, with all their trees drawn by hand. A fantastic task.

Of course, the more data I entered, the more questions I had, but no Dad to ask. I also found myself getting very interested, so that by the time I'd finished, I was determined to continue the work as best I could, and try to 'grow' the tree.

I decided that  I would concentrate all my efforts on the Bishop line, because despite being the family name, it is also one of the shortest line in my tree. That has turned out to be quite a challenge. To find out more about that, go to my  'Bishop Ancestors' page. 

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