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One of the things I find very frustrating about tracing the family history, is that I live just outside Southampton, and the record office with (hopefully) the answers, is in Oxford, some 65 miles away, meaning I can't get there as often as I would like. In addition, being a child of the computer age, I expect to be able to find everything I need to know somewhere on the Internet. Sadly, that is not yet the case. There is a tremendous amount of information online, but still he vast majority has to be researched in record offices. 

I have visions of other people researching the Bishop name, going in to the same record office as me, looking in the same registers as me, and recording just the small piece of information that is relevant to them. Maybe that information would help me, but there is no way of sharing it......or is there?

I already have some details of other 'Bishops' from Oxfordshire, and as I search for my missing family,  will get more. Rather than just discard what I am not interested in, I have decided to record any information I come across pertaining to a 'Bishop' from Oxfordshire, and share it with anyone who wants it. In addition, I hope that anyone with any information about an Oxfordshire 'Bishop', will share it with me, so that in time, we can build up a pretty comprehensive database. A sort of 'One Name Study', but restricted to Oxfordshire (initially at least).

So, what do I have to offer? Have a look on the 'Details' page to find out.....and remember to send me anything you haveon Oxfordshire Bishops.   Thank you 

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